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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Number of rooms limited plan, deals room charge【Special Advantage for Cash Payment】

    It is a private room charter plan of Japanese room or western style room.The number of rooms per day and the set date are limited, but it is a great plan.We can enter from group to group, but if you stay at plenty, you get better as you stay! HoContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 8000 yen
  • Tabetai hot pot (sea bream) everyone Tabetai hot pot (sea bream)! Dinner in Room

    Please enjoy eating "Tabetai hot pot (sea bream)" using one whole of the bowl of Suginaga special menu.
    Dinner is prepared in the room so you can take your meals at ease.
    ※Accommodation Tax was introduced in Kyoto city from October 2018. We wilContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 8,560
  • Kyo's food! Eat comparison with tofu and pickles! (1 Night/ Breakfast Included)

    There are lots of delicious things when you come to Kyoto! I want to eat that too!
    So, why do not you eat 3 kinds of tofu and pickles of season for breakfast by staying at the inn?
    Tofu prepared fried tofu from pumpkin tofu, and tofu for pumped Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 8,100 yen
  • 【Limited to Cash Payments】A reasonable stay plan (no meal)

    No meal or anything! Anyway, I tried pursuing "cheap".Please spread your futon by yourself.
    Also, air conditioners and electric appliances of customers' rooms are not attached in advance.Although there may be some inconvenient places, I tried puContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 5,000